JUN 2010.... Warmachine on the cover of Cinefex. Works shown on its covers 4 times now. Craziness.

Star Trek and Transformers 2 links added.

SEP 2009.... Works grace the cover of Cinefex in consecutive issues.

NOV 2008.... First peek at the new Enterprise.

FEB 2008.... Star Trek teaser. I was the sole modeler on that trailer. hirez still.

JAN 2008.... Site updated. Added Tranformers link.

DEC 2007.... Added some photoshop images to sportwagon link.

SEP 2006.....The ultimate compliment. buzz.

FEB 2005.... Catwoman images added under new works. Added abit more images in the Matrix pages.

SEP 2004.... A quick reorganization and consolidation of the site. It now has a more simplified and leaner look.

AUG 2004.....After almost two years of unmotivation and no updates, I finally have some new images to show. Check out the Progession link for the latest works.

SEP 2002....  hello. I've decided not to show my e-mail address for now.   I've been way behind on my e-mails for quite sometime.  so if you didn't get a reply from me, I apologize.   -peace.

02 02 02....  Psychoform launched.